3D Printing

Below are some 3D print-ready models that I have created for education outreach, data visualization, and scientific research. I primarily print elevation models that show the real shape of a region of a planet or moon using real topographic data aqcuired from space or with laser mapping surveys that I've been a part of.

3D Print Models are available in STL format by clicking the orange box that displays after selecting a model. Most models were created by converting digital elevation models into OBJ files using my python script, dtm2obj or a variant of it. Feel free to download and modify. OBJ files are converted to STL files using MeshLab.


Ina D, Moon

Apollo 11 Landing Site

Apollo 12 Landing Site

Apollo 14 Landing Site

Apollo 15 Landing Site

Apollo 16 Landing Site

Apollo 17 Landing Site

Apollo 17 Region

Orientale Crust

Moscoviense Crust